1. Ultra-Fast Charging Stations for EV applications

  2. Multilevel Inverters for Switch Reluctance Motors (SRMs)

  3. Power electronics drivers for high-speed PM BLDC and SRM motors for ventilators (PI)

  4. Advanced Power Converter Design for Medium-Voltage Motor Drives (PI)

  5. Advanced Medium-Voltage Motor Drives (PI)

  6. Energy Management Architectures for Optimizing Energy Utilization in Data Centres (PI)

  7. Advanced High-Power Systems for Medium-Voltage Motor Drive (PI)

  8. Autonomous Health Monitoring of Energy Distribution Systems(PI)

  9. The Car of the Future (Co-PI)

  10. Advanced Electrified Vehicle Motor Control Technologies (Co-PI)

  11. Integrated Community Energy and Harvesting Systems (Co-PI)